Wonderwoman and The Knights on a collision course

Shady DunesWith three team’s very tightly grouped heading into the latest round of fixtures, this was looking like a hard league to pick the winner. However, with CGMB playing both their title rivals over the last 2 weeks, it could be said that their destiny was in their own hands.

CGMB’s recently adopted policy of utilising the strengths of Wonderwoman for the first 6 holes has been paying dividends and it was an approach they followed once more against top of the table Level 3Some. With Boozy Dan at the helm and having lifted the drinking ban on his team, 3Some had a real swagger (or was it a sway) about them as they approached the first tee. Fuelled up on high strength craft lager, Boozy Dan transmembrified his first drive into another postal code giving his side the perfect opportunity to draw first blood. Contrary to the script, CGMB took an early foot-up courtesy of Wonderwoman’s classy approach and follow-up birdie putt.

Early signs were that this could be a classic encounter as early blows were traded. 3Some got back within touching distance on the 15th after a near albatross – from 180 yards “Shitty haircut Liam” (Boozy Dan’s complimentary nickname for his team mate) hit his long iron to within inches of the cup. With CGMB still holding the narrowest of leads Wonderwoman took her leave, as is now tradition, placing the onus heavily on her brother and Sonny to finish the job she had mostly done single-handed already.

Things didn’t look good as the remaining CGMB players bickered and very nearly came to blows down the 16th hole. This unrest could very easily have scuppered their chances oof closing out the game, but was probably more distracting for the opposition. As it was, the teams sidled down the final hole with CGMB still maintaining the narrow 1 hole lead. Pouring in a quite extraordinary 35 foot snake of a putt, 3Some piled the pressure onto CGMB who faced a 10 footer for the match. After his teammate had agonisingly slipped by the hole, Sonny steadied himself, said a quick prayer and rolled it in for a famous victory in one of the games of the season. This win has putt CGMB one win away from the title.

With Infinity International’s title chances remaining a highly complicated mathematical permutation and The Handichaps season lying in tatters, the two sides chose the unconventional option of settling the score over a game of Kerplunk instead. As tensions rose and just 3 sticks remained, the two captains (who were by now on the verge of being declared clinically dead after consuming record quantities of Bloody ‘Ell) conferred in a language that perhaps only the two of them understood, and declared that the match should be a draw. This is certainly one for a Question of Sport.

The Knights In Shining Arnold Palmer still remained in the box seat, knowing that a solid performance against The Course would leave them the comfort of a draw doing the job for them in the final match. The Knight’s introduction of a new ringer this week proved to be a bold and incisive decision after making short work of the tough challenge of the Czech course, Kynzvart. The greens on this tricked up Czech beast have been the undoing of many a side over the years, but The Knights made an absolute mockery of the sloping greens. With many greens looking more like the bonnet of a vintage VW Beetle, a return of 4 under was a fine achievement.

Next week sees an intriguing encounter as the league leaders host the ever more impressive CGMB. Plenty of questions will be asked in the build-up, and perhaps none will be as crucial as to whether Wonderwoman will be given the full 9 holes to do the business for her side.


Competitions: UG Team League, UG Team League Smithfield