Wonders and Melts set on a collision course

SpyglassThe day after the night before saw a weary collection of golfers descend on the second round of matches in Team League. With eyes still bleary and the horrors of Jordan Spieth’s meltdown burned into their retinas, the potential for slip-ups was heightened.

Perhaps looking the least worst of the bunch were the dysfunctional Bulbous Melts, who once again shuffled their order, this week blooding the feisty Liverpudlian James Bowker. The contrasting styles of James Day’s pumpyness and Bowker’s unpumpyness promised plenty of entertainment for Cover Drive, playing out of the other corner. With the wondrous putting of their golfing idol, Ernie Els, still raw in their minds, The Melts set the task of eliminating putting from the equation all together with a sumptuous birdie-eagle start that had the opposition quivering.

In truth Cover Drive were short of artillery when faced with such a barrage of golfing testosterone, and did well to limit the damage to a four hole defeat. This isn’t the sort of game that Cover Drive are necessarily designed for, whereas The Melts march to the title looks like it’s going to be impossible to stop.

The Melts most plausible rivals look like being the reigning champions, Stevie’s Wonders who haven’t lost a game since the wall came down. In a sad moment of anti-climax the Fairways to Heaven side were shorn of most of their stars by a nasty bout of Jungle fever which virtually handed the victory to their vaunted opponents before a ball was struck. Without any sign of compassion the Wonders went to town on the Spyglass course extracting 6 birdies and an eagle on their way to securing what could be a crucial 8 hole victory.

The Course has proven to be a much sterner adversary this term, having tested several teams to their limits already. Getting off to a stinker certainly wasn’t the ideal start for #GCW as they played the first two holes like Maurice Flitcroft. Fortunately they started to ease through the gears and before long they were playing like a young Bruce Forsyth, securing back-to-back birdies. With some fine short-game displays, they were able to cling on to the coattails of The Course to claim a point and get their campaign up and running.


Competitions: UG Team League, UG Team League Smithfield