Titanic tussle as top two tie

In the week since the opening salvos of the UG Team League the world seems to have been turned on its head: David Bowie is gone; The Sheriff of Nottingham has been cut down; and Man Utd have scored some goals ………. But just in case we thought all that we knew had been a charade, we were reminded that some things in life won’t be changing as Keith Spieth & The Johnson’s almost caused paint to blister as they sped around the back 9 of Old Palm in a brisk two and a half hours, stopping only to wake their opposition on the odd occasion.

The big match—up of round 2 cam in the form of the internet upstarts #GCW challenging home favourites, The A-Team. The light-heartedness of week one was replaced by focussed scowls as #GCW had to work hard to hang on to the coat-tails of The A-Team. While the mood of the contest was somewhat sombre, some of the golf was mesmerising. An early flow of birdies from Clyde Wood and his A-Team saw them into a strong 2 up lead with 4 holes left.

Dredging the depths of their recent junior golf experience, #GCW hit back with an eagle-birdie-birdie barrage to eliminate the defecit and set up an enthralling final hole. It was looking like, for all the money, that #GCW would complete the epic comeback by slotting from 15 feet on the final green. Alas, it wasn’t to be as they all grazed the perimeter of the golf-pit and settled for an entertaining draw.

In the second game of the night, New Zealand’s Beamers, brought their highly entertaining brand of golf up against Michelle Wie’s Wet Slice in a contest that drew together two teams that had lost in the opening week. This game looked to be heading for a rare draw as the teams approach the penultimate green. However, a moment of inspiration from Wie – a remarkable 35 yard pitch in – stole the hole from The Beamers, causing some quite hurtful names to be bandied around for the following moments. Both teams negotiated the final hole in par to leave Michelle Wie her maiden victory of the season.

As the final match involved Keith Spieth and his Johnsons, the other teams were able to get showered and changed at the end of their games, before settling in and enjoying the final few holes of the clash against Something Els. While Andrew Ogier was on the receiving end of some hefty stick following an internet sensation last week, his teammates were doing their best impression of him as they seemed intent on finishing the match in the late Spring.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this fixture was Something Els’ amazing ability to occupy themselves between shots. Clearly the new range of beers provided a perfect opportunity for some tasting ……. Every hole. The standard of golf in the game was impressive with the early holes being traded in birdies like some sort of Rocky epic. The knockout blow was dealt on the 17th as Spieth holed from 22 feet. Managing to hold on down the last hole, Spieth and the Johnsons were delighted to secure their 1st win of the season.


The table is finely poised and offers the possibility of any of the teams still taking the title. Next week’s games offer up any number of permutations with the only certainty being that Keith Spieth & The Johnsons will be on the clock from the start.


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