No change as Tee Party roll on at Smithfield


It may be marked down as league 2, but these teams produced some of the most spectacular golf in the history of the UG Team League around the now neutered Pine Needles course.

Several new teams entered the fray for the new season which has made predictions for this league almost pointless. Inevitably, the two teams to have contested the leagues previously came up against each other this week as Boston Tee Party hosted GTA Zeebras CC. With Boston Tee Party holding the upper hand in previous contests, they certainly entered the fixture as marginal favourites and perhaps the inclusion of THMIG™ (The Hottest Man In Golf) in their ranks would account for the swollen galleries lining the fairways.

Living up to his superstar billing, THMIG™ – Marc Escoffier – played his part in an emphatic victory that led the Zeebras to pray for bad light, rain or simply an act of god to stop the pain. Sadly for them it didn’t come, and their campaign got off to what can only be called a slow start – though there are degrees of slowness as displayed by Andrew Ogier in League 1.

Undoubtedly the game of the night was put on by Dude, Where’s my Par? and UV Eagles who shared out an eye-watering 15 birdies between them over the course of just 9 holes. Resembling a Rocky movie, these two exchanged blows throughout the match, which gave the perfect advertisement for Team Leagues. Ironically it was Dude, Where’s my Par? whose tally of birdies earned them a thrilling victory and should prove a healthy warning shot across the bows of every other team in the leagues.

Making up the league 2 fixtures were debutants Princess & his Paupers who took on the mighty Arnie’s Army. Mystery surrounded the very entrance of PHP as they wheeled in a large object wrapped industrial quantities of cotton wool. After just a couple of holes it was plainly clear why they were so keen to protect their main asset: the colossal Belfast Bomber. Not only were his drives drawing gasps from innocent bystanders, but his ability to dispose of amber coloured liquid was a thing to marvel too.

Perhaps distracted by their main weapon’s abilities, the Princess & his Paupers came up agonisingly short against Arnie’s small but well-formed army, in a one hole defeat.


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