Los Severianos flare lights up League 1

With the introduction of our newest league, teams were raring to go as they looked to open the new season in style.  With beer flowing, urban sliders being demolished like they were going out of fashion and pep talks even the Great Sir Alex Ferguson would have been proud of, it was safe to say the beasts were ready to be unleashed.

Our newest arrivals, Los Severianos, are certainly a team to keep an eye on this season.  The Barcelona team opened their campaign taking apart fellow newbies Infinity International, playing much like the great Seve during their opening match, with captain Jorge holing a putt so long it is rumoured that the hubble telescope was required to witness this event.

Infinity International showed great character throughout their match, soaking up the good weather in their away fixture drinking craft ale much to the delight of lingering managers.  Infinity International showed great potential and with a recovery game so sophisticated, it made Bubba Watsons winning hook at the 2012 Masters look somewhat boring.  After a long fought battle for the opening holes Infinity missed from 6ft on the 14th, only contributing to the  upward struggle of the Spanish mountains, proving even too much for the boys from Infinity land.

The Spanish captained team rushed away after victory back to the party boat, with endless tapas and Moritz lager until the early hours of the morning a certainty. With the Spanish bred team looking to pick up another victory in North London tonight, the boat that rocked the Thames is definitely the place to be tonight, with Messi chants so loud even Michael Owen’s ‘typical Owen quotes’ can’t be heard. Subtle hints were raised that Barcelona kits may be worn next week, and similar to the attacking force of their beloved team, this is a force not to reckon with.

After a late start The Knights in Shining Arnold Palmer played quite possibly the quickest match in Urban history against #GCW. The newly appointed Knights were ready to play, showering themselves in house lager and a matching kit of white shirts, a couple buttons open, and a sufficient amount of chest hair showing, letting their opponents know that the 1D look-a-likes weren’t just all pretty faces.

Regulars #GCW were not threatened by the new kids on the block, with their captain wearing his famously known beige jumper knitted by his great aunt and bringing in his usual trusty partners to get the job done. The Knights, with very little known about them before starting the campaign, opened the match with early birdies and with swings similar to those of the best. Finding fairways for fun, they always found time to flick back their long hair as they made the opening holes of Spyglass look easy.

However, veterans #GCW, are certainly a team you wouldn’t bet against. After making a mid-round surge holing putts longer than most of the members drive the ball, they found themselves all square standing on the 17th. After two uncharacteristic hooks and an extremely impressive shank, #GCW found themselves with 230 yards left on a 300 yard hole, and with the Knights in position A, it seemed as though the hole was done and dusted. After some miraculous recovery shots, #GCW found themselves halving the hole, showing the crowd what legends really are made of.

The battle commenced down the last, with The Knights putting together a solid last hole performance, earning themselves a well-deserved birdie. With all to play for, #GCW holed out from 30ft finishing the match with a well earnt draw, followed by fist pumps and thank you texts sent  straight to the skipper’s great aunt for the lucky jumper. Two great teams, we look forward to seeing what else they have to offer.

Stevie’s Wonder opened their campaign of with the challenge of posting a score on the back 9 of Myrtle Beach. A course well surrounded by water and long rough, this track certainly suits the brave.

With drivable par 4’s and tricky pins, good scores can be made for those ready to face the challenge.

Stevie’s Wonder consists of a team of well-established members, with a reputation for winning and regularly sharing each other’s clubs. The Wonder boys started well, with early birdies and driving the short par 4’s, making quick work of the early course challenges.  After losing a team member the skipper upped his game, finishing his team on a well-respected -5 par.


Competitions: UG Team League, UG Team League Smithfield