Longest winning run ends as Wonders taste defeat


It was an unbeaten run to rival some of the greatest in all of sport. Coming up tantalisingly short of Steau Bucharest’s unbeaten run of 104 matches, Stevie’s Wonders spell was finally broken on a night when the golfing order was turned on its head.

Protecting their formidable record, Stevie’s found themselves in an unfamiliar situation as they found themselves losing the opening hole to a birdie, with Drive’s skipper single-handedly dismantling the first. Clearly unsettled by this disruption to their aura, Stevie’s hit a trio of poor tee shots off the 2nd tee, including the great Tony Moss hooking his drive straight into the drink.

This was set to be a real ding dong as the Cover Drive side weren’t in the mood for letting things slip. That said, The Wonders produced some of their very best scrambling to remarkably return the match to parity by the time they stood on the 15th tee. After some incredible scrambling from the Wonders they stood on the 15th tee all square.  The Cover Drive captain, Matt, was having one of the great rounds and again produced the goods on the par 5 15th as he followed a blistering drive with a 220 yard iron to within 15 feet on the way to securing a hole winning eagle.

The lead was maintained onto the final tee where Stevie’s Wonders looked decidedly uneasy with the situation. While the favourites struggled to keep themselves together, Cover Drive made serene progress down the hole – culminating in a crisp wedge to gimme distance. In less than 2 hours, Cover Drive had produced one of their finest performances to cause one of the great upsets in modern sport. Only time will tell, but could the aura of invincibility finally be gone?

As the reverberations of Stevie’s defeat were being felt around the glove, #GCW and the Bulbous Melts had the opportunity to take the league by the scruff of the neck. The Melts came into this derby of sorts in scintillating form, contrasting with the troublesome times #GCW have experienced of late.

Melts continued their irresistible form with a line-up that looks almost perfect for the format. The big-hitting ball-striker and all round scourge of golf, Jimbodayo, provides the perfect foil for the precise wedge play and deft touch around the greens of both James Bowker and Jon Davie. #GCW needed to bring more than the colossal driving of their very own Jimbo in order to challenge the equilibrium, and sadly this just didn’t materialise on the night. A superb eagle on the 15th wasn’t enough to stem the bleeding as the Melts closed out a 3 hole victory that leaves them in pole position in the table.

Fairways To Heaven have started the league slowly but were optimistic of gaining traction against The Course. Things didn’t start well as they ran into trouble straight off the first tee and finding themselves behind the eight ball early. Creditably they rallied and show some real fight against their dogged opponent. Despite a brief invasion by a rare breed of barking swallows on the 16th hole, they held their concentration to complete the comeback and secure their first point of the campaign. Lesser teams have gone on to perform miracles from this point of the season, and they should not be written off.

At the mid-point of the league the bookies are indicating that a final week showdown between the Bulbous Melts and Stevie’s Wonders will be the one that crowns the champions.


Competitions: UG Team League, UG Team League Smithfield