League leaders prove to be anything but A-Nother team

It seems that UEFA didn’t get there way, as League 2 appears to be the Super-League that they feared was being plotted. This week saw the playing of the traditional El Classico as arch-rivals Keith Spieth & The Johnsons looked to retain bragging rights over A-Nother Team.

Opening up early was Michelle Wie’s Wet Slice, up against an excitable Something Els in a crucial six pointer that could spell the end for one of the sides. In reality, Michelle Wie stood about as much chance as the locals on a Leicester City pre-season tour. Outnumbered and outplayed, Wie put up their best but Something Els were something else. Something Els will be buoyed by this victory and very much look forward to finishing the league strongly.

The Beamer (The Course, -6)

Despite their impeccable matching team attire, The Beamers got off to a slow start against the course. After a couple of stern words and a shank from captain Glen, things got moving as they rattled off a hearty supply of birdies. A stellar performance climaxed with a spectacular tram-liner from 60 feet on the 18th that duly dropped in for an eagle, sparking joyous scenes of homoerotic hugging and butt slapping. Chants of “bring on Keith Spieth” were heard long into the crisp Smithfield night.

Top of the bill this week though was the ultimate grudge match between Keith Spieth and A-Nother Team who were keen to exact some revenge for last season. The early holes were reminiscent of a Rocky fight as both teams traded blows, with the lead going back and forth. Having fended off the opposition single-handed for the opening few holes, Clyde Woods was joined by his teammates on the 13th as they took the lead.

As his team clutched at the coattails of the opposition, Andrew Ogier became embroiled in a debate which at times became heated. The subject of the debate? How his sausage sandwich should be prepared. As he went back and forth with a thinning Gareth Chatterpaul, the merits of brown sauce and red sauce were tossed around. Finally, having illustrated the precise building instructions, Ogier was able to return to the fray.

Keith Spieth’s grip on the game loosened with the loss of the 15th hole, before a rare defeat was finally confirmed as Gary Tarrant holed a snaky putt on the penultimate green. The victory now has A-Nother Team in the box seat for the league, leaving Keith Spieth with a daunting looking fixture next week against The Beamers to keep their season alive.


Competitions: UG Team League, UG Team League Smithfield