League 2 heading to wire with triumvirate in contention

TPC Scottsdale

We were excited about this league last week, and if anything we are positively frothing about it now. It’s a league that’s got more characters than Roger Hargreaves and we now know for sure that it will only be decided on the final night of the season.

One of the teams sure to be in the mix at the denouement would be the winners of last evenings tussle between the Knights in Shining Arnold Palmer and Infinity International. Both sides showed a victory apiece in the “wins” column and needed to add to it to keep in the hunt. With so much on the line it was no surprise to see the Knights turn up on time for a change. Their joy was offset by the disappointment of the Infinity Team who once again were let down by their captain, who cited a rare strain of what he referred to as “vaginaritus” – or what his team mates decided was him just being a pussy.

In any case, with or without their captain, Infinity were in for a real going over as The Knights were in inspired form. From tee to green two of their side were near flawless, and when they got onto the short stuff it was all over to “Doctor Putter Hands” who was simply ridiculous! Draining everything from 10 feet to 50 feet, he made Loren Roberts look like a chancer. This was a resounding win that all but ended Infinity’s hopes of landing the title, but has propelled The Knights right into the mix.

Game two stood for everything great about Team League; camaraderie, banter, beer and competitive golf. Rumour has it that doctors are now prescribing a visit to The Handichaps for those patients in need of cheering up. They may well be the most amenable team in golf and while sipping on the house lager, never fail to bring smiles to the faces of all around. The contest with CGMB was a meeting of like-minded individuals in one of the most life-affirming sporting spectacles ever witnessed.

While The Handichaps slated each other and laughed at their golfing misfortunates they witnessed CGMB’s new star dismantle them over the first few holes. Following on from last week’s stellar performance she put in a flawless shift over the first 6 holes to put her side in the driver’s seat. Despite a late eagle from The Handichaps, CGMB ran out handsome winners to hoist them toward the top of the table. Despite the defeat The Handichaps showed plenty of game that suggests a win is not far away.

The last team to put their hands up for the title race were Level 3Some who put in a powerful display against The Course led by Boozy Dan. Despite preparing for the wrong course, 3Some put in a convincing display that was held together by Boozy Dan’s mesmerising performance, particularly on the Par 5’s. With the recently imposed drink ban now lifted, the team pulled together and poured in some fantastic putts to nail the victory.

Next week will be a momentous one as Level 3Some play CGMB in what is effectively a title eliminator. From there, who knows, but it’s going to be tough to take your eyes off this league right up until the end.


Competitions: UG Team League, UG Team League Smithfield