League 1 set for final day drama

Stevie's Wonders have been a far more cohesive team this season

Stevie’s Wonders have been a far more cohesive team this season

For weeks now the media have been building this league up as “the greatest in a generation”, and for once they may be proven right as it heads for a final day decider. For 1989, read 2016 and for Liverpool v Arsenal, read #GCW v Stevie’s Wonders. Dreams will be fulfilled and lifetimes ambitions could be shattered in a single stroke.

Stevie’s Wonders continued their sumptuous form with a commanding performance against a fine Infinity International outfit that currently possess two of the world’s best three putters. The Wonders revival has come as no great surprise given the return from exile of Tony Moss, the Godfather of the modern indoor game. The reintegration of Moss has seen Clyde Woods’ responsibilities shifted toward be the drinks carrier for the side, while Tony and Gary Tarrant did the business.

A typically fast start from The Wonders gave them an imperious lead which was never to be relinquished despite some short-game pyrotechnics from the Internationals. It took an impressive haul of seven birdies to secure the 3 hole victory, highlighting how tough it is to win in this league. Living up to his reputation as an International lothario, the Infinity captain signed of his campaign with a resounding birdie putt on the final green before announcing that he will be absent for the final league game – off to New York to break the hearts of millions of teenage Infinity International fans, as he looks to secure the hand of the future Mrs Infinity International.

Hot on the Cuban heels of Stevie’s Wonders are #GCW, who really have got their act together of late. Playing against the mercurial Los Severianos, #GCW met their match both on and off the course. Los Severianos certainly wiped the floor with the anarchic upstarts in the beer front, but struggled to get their heads around #GCW and their strategy off the tee. The make-up of #GCW’s tee-off special teams consisted of “Jimbo the Bomber” and a newcomer who averaged an intimidating 43 yards off the tee.

Against a backdrop of raucous galleries Los Severianos performed well again without being able to get the putts to drop. Indeed it was a frustrating game to watch as there were more horseshoes than at a village fete. The only man able to get the ball to drop was #GCW’s short-hitting newcomer. In a characteristically gritty manner, #GCW managed to hold off the challenge of the crowd favourites to deny them and record a crucial win that gives them a fair sniff at taking the title by beating Stevie’s Wonders next week.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night came as Knight’s in Shining Arnold Palmer handed The Course a golfing education. With 2 eagles and 5 birdies they left the watching world wondering where they had been for the last 3 weeks. This was, quite simply, a mind-blowingly good performance from the boys – one that should give them plenty of confidence for next week and further into their next campaign. Make no mistake, this was one of the great performances.

Tickets for the gig clash next week are selling like hot cakes, and we can expect an electric atmosphere as #GCW take on Stevie’s Wonders. Surely now is the time to deliver, for Tony Moss has been the bridesmaid too often? Such a grand encounter deserves a suitable theatre and that will be provided at the epic Druids Glen where a little more than colossal hitting will be required.


Competitions: UG Team League, UG Team League Smithfield