Factions develop in league 3

poundridge1Shame and ignominy shrouds league 3 this week as the league leaders continue to dig themselves into a shameful pit of woe. That’s right, Paula’s Creamers extended their record to 3 successive weeks off the moonshine.

In more interesting matters, everyone’s favourite team Beavertown didn’t disappoint as they maintained their record as best dressed, turning out once again in heavily branded Beavertown paraphernalia. Whilst giving Stu-per man an education in brewing, they turned in their finest performance yet – turns out that it’s almost as hard to make beer as it is to play golf!

Arnie’s Army rolled another talented youngster off their production line, whose booming drives and tender greenside touch saw him gain the affections of his master. Eager to please his sensei. Young James put on a masterclass that Beavertown were powerless to stop. Though they came down on the wrong side of the result, Beavertown played in a great spirit and consumed plenty of Siren Undercurrent as they continued to shed light on the brewing industry.

The final game of the evening involved the other brewery in the league, Shepherd Neame. Ironically, they weren’t able to organise themselves against a resurgent Shank or be shanked. The Shankers weren’t prepared to offer up any sympathy as they sunk almost as many birdies as cans of Gamm Ray. The combined talents of Stu (recently crowned most attractive man in the league) and the Iceman produced some stunning play at times, sending them up the league and in fine position for their forthcoming game against Beavertown

The league has established two distinct factions; the drinkers and the drink-nots – Paula’s Creamers are going to need their hard hats next week as Arnie’s Army look to march on.


Competitions: UG Team League, UG Team League Smithfield