UG Team League Smithfield

Team Played W D L +/- Pts
THE BEAMERS 5 4 0 0 11 13
SHAFT 5 2 0 1 6 8
SULTAN'S OF SWING 5 1 0 3 -8 4
WK J CHOI 5 0 0 3 -9 2

UG Team Leagues supported by Results & Upcoming Fixtures (All matches to start at 6pm):                     

Mon 3rd September (Back 9 at Old Palm) The Beamers Beat WK J Choi 2Up
Shaft Beat Sultans of Swing 4Up
Mon 10th September (Back 9 at Tuscany Reserve) WK J Choi Halved With Shaft AS
Sultans of Swing Lost to The Beamers 2Up
Mon 17th September (Back 9 at Druids Glen) Shaft Halved With The Beamers AS
Sultans of Swing Halved With WK J Choi AS
Mon 24th September (Back 9 at Kiawah Island) WK J Choi Lost to The Beamers 4Up
Sultans of Swing Beat Shaft 1Up
Mon 1st October (Back 9 at Harbour Town) Shaft Beat WK J Choi 3Up
The Beamers Beat Sultans of Swing 3Up
Mon 8th October (Back 9 at Pebble Beach) The Beamers v Shaft
WK J Choi v Sultans of Swing