Beamers back on top

To say that League 1 has been subdued would be an understatement. As the league reeled from one controversy to the next, the only constant was the rivalry between The Beamers and WK J Choi ……. And silly long drives from Pierre Pumpy Trousers.

In a week of one-sided encounters, it was refreshing to see the intriguing match-up of Bubba and the Lama v Aspen Amigos go right to the wire. While Eric Pumpy Trousers sent 376 yard drives sailing into the distance, Aspen Amigos kicked back and did what they do best; drank fine wine. Clearly there would be no matching Eric’s length, but Aspen showed great mental fortitude in nullifying his strengths with cutting banter and a deft touch around the greens. This was a classic David v Goliath clash that ended in a creditable draw.

In the title decider, The Beamers had the upper hand after dishing out an absolute humping last week at Spyglass. Chastened by the humiliation WK J Choi looked nervy as they sidled onto the first tee at Spanish Bay, just a stones throw from Spyglass. Having waited for The Beamers to complete their weekly stretch, Choi got things underway and soon realised they too should have been stretching as their swings felt like collapsed lawn chairs.

The Beamers, never ones to show compassion, leapt on the invitation to take the lead. With their noses in front from the get-go. The Beamers never looked like giving up the opportunity to claim another title. The only real concern for the Kiwis being the pressing issue of having to extend their trophy room to house their recent haul of trophies. Certainly, a problem that Choi will be looking to have next time around.


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