Battle of the breweries highlight of opening week

Battle Lines DrawnLeague 3 is by far the most diverse league we have in this campaign, consisting of new teams including of course, our much welcomed brewery teams making their debuts.

The league kicked off with debuts from Paula’s Creamers & Shank or be Shanked.

The newbie Shankers started strong, with early birdies and learning the tricks of simulator golf extremely quickly. Their consistent flow of Gamma Ray’s helped the Shankers maintain focus and consistency, believing their opponents deserved a penalty or automatic forfeit for causing a crime of not even trying one!

The Creamers introduced their latest recruit to their pack, a tall, tight shirt fitted, big hitting 3 handicapper. This monster has been compared to Drago from Rocky IV, with most claiming this image does not do him justice. The beast was driving long and straight, cutting corners on the long par 4’s and holding the team together with his extremely delicate touch around the greens.

After some technical difficulties Paula’s managed to hold out for a win, recovering from places on the course the simulator itself did not knew exist.  A big win for Paula’s Creamers, however after hearing no alcohol was consumed by this team a stewards enquiry will be taking place, as an Urban rule always involves some form of intoxicating beverage.


Shepherds Neame VS Beavertown.

This battle of two of our favourite brewers was certainly one for the history books. Beavertown made their big entrance sporting Beavertown attire, showing their true colours of where their loyalties lay. The Shepherd’s team had a more distinct way of showing their loyalties…by knocking back as many of their best-selling Asahi  lagers as possible.

The Beavertown team opted for the craft ale selection, trialling a variety of drinks and ensuring their unique cans were glistening in the Urban Golf fridges.

Down to business, Shepherd’s captain Stuart flexed his muscles as he made short work of the par 5’s, flying most of the danger and taking on corners the Beavers believed to seemingly be impossible. The Beavers fought hard, however despite holing a snakey 25ft putt on the 16th and a 30yard pitch in on the 18th it was still not enough to contain the Shepherds.

The Shepherds made quick work of the Beavers. They may both be at the top of the brewery trade, but the Shepherds have certainly won this first battle.

How will the Beavers respond? What will they drink next time? Will they opt for matching attire again? Until next week, the mysteries remain unsolved.


Competitions: UG Team League, UG Team League Smithfield