Arnie’s Army march to top of table


The standard of golf in Smithfield’s League 2 continued to put League 1 to shame as the birdies kept flowing at the immaculately curated Old Palm Golf and Billiards Club.

Last week’s star performers Dude, Where’s my Par? came up against a confident Boston Tee Party who seem to have established a real momentum and a healthy appetite for the big occasion. The Tee Party set off at a frightening pace, combining some colossal driving, radar guided iron shots and Faxon-esque putting to forge a dormy 2up advantage. Not wanting to be outdone, though, DWMP produce one of the great clutch finishes by birdieing the final 2 holes to pull off one of the great sporting comebacks of recent times.

Both teams seemed genuinely blessed to have taken part in such an occasion, spending the rest of the night exchanges tales in the bar over a couple of bottles of malt whiskey. Stumbling out of the Royal Smithfield club in the early hours, the teams were heard chanting the famed “Let’s take down Arnie’s Army” anthem made famous, of course, by Princess & His Paupers.

The aforementioned crooners were seeking retribution for their last-gasp defeat in week 1 and were fortunate to come across the always entertaining GTA Zeebras. Though the Zeebras have failed to gel on the course up to this point, they have become a firm favourite of the fans with their fun-loving demeanour and cavalier approach. Such an approach was found to be ill-fitted to Old Palm, and the Princess managed to use all her charms to secure a 4 hole win and three much needed points.

Making up the final fixture of the evening were the pantomime villains, Arnie’s Army, facing last week’s unlucky losers the UV Eagles. It was scarcely believable that they lost having shot 7 under par in week 1, and they looked like they had still not yet come to terms with the defeat as they slipped behind early here. It’s never easy to play in the company of a lefty, and the presence of Stuart Holder clearly didn’t sit well with the Eagles as they muttered through their beards between sips of craft ale. Arnie’s Army thus marching to victory, albeit a narrow 1 hole win to top the table.

Next week should see the Army face a barrage of abuse as they have now become the team to beat.


Competitions: UG Team League Smithfield