A-Nother Team success tarnished by hurtful defeat

League 2 ended in relative calm as the champions were all but crowned ahead of the final day. All that was left to play for was pride and self-esteem. By the end of the evening there was not much of either left intact.

By their very high standards, Keith Spieths & The Johnsons have had a torrid campaign punctuated by a brace of defeats and a sustained media campaign against one of their star performers. Playing with Michelle Wie’s Wet Slice in the final match was not a proposition they particularly fancied. With Wie having been all over the place this season, these were two teams on an uncontrollable downward spiral who created a poisonous atmosphere within which to play. A series of outrageous putts ensured that Keith Spieth had his foot on Michelle Wie’s throat until running out comfortable winners.

Keith Spieth’s season was certainly given more impetus as they offered up a healthy wager with A-Nother team to beat their haul of 7 birdies against the course. Never ones to avoid an in-play flutter, A-Nother team did plenty to win the league but came up agonisingly short of the crucial seventh birdie, to ensure some rather smug grins on the faces of their bitter rivals as they handed over the cash.

A triumphant season for A-Nother team was only marred slightly by this monetary loss, and they will look forward to renewing hostilities in the next campaign.

The Beamers contested the final fixture amid carnival-like scenes against Something, there was a sinister backdrop to the contest. The crowds have become used to the cavalier approach of The Beamers, which will unlikely ever change, but recent rumours of a team split coupled with Glen’s reluctance to wear team colours have fuelled in-fighting and suspicions. Perhaps the final nail was hammered into The Beamers coffin when Glen was lured onto the Something Els side for this contest.

By way of proving why he had been captain, Glen put on a virtuoso putting display, including a Woganesque 60 footer to edge Something Els ahead. As per tradition, The Beamers WAGS added glamour to the final day and were treated to a ding-dong battle with birdies flying back and forth. Ultimately the contest was decided by a mercurial eagle from Something Els that rounded off a tumultuous season for The Beamers. Many questions remain unanswered at the end of this: Is this the end for The Beamers as we know it? Has Glen simply lost his team shirt? Are rumours of a Qatari takeover true? What would The Beamers call their second team?

Many questions, and few answers. One thing that is for sure though, is that A-Nother team were in a class of their own this term and will be confident of more success going forward ……… but they could be in for a shock!


Competitions: UG Team League, UG Team League Smithfield