A-Nother Team and Kan’t Putt set up early title decider

SpyglassNot since golf was first played has there been a fitting rival for A-Nother Team who have breezed relentlessly past all opposition standing in their way for what seems like an eternity. That was until the rise of Kan’t Putt, Mine’s a Gimme formed their very own dream team, and not forgetting the recent promotion of the Evian sponsored Paula’s Creamers.

In the way of A-Nother Team this week were the enigmatic Something Els, who have promised so much but have yet to announce themselves on the biggest stage. Any apprehension Something Els may have felt would have been heightened by the start of A-Nother Team. Els threw in some incredible putting, but were nevertheless unable to stop the massacre. Suspicions are rife that A-Nother Team have some Australian heritage as they really are like dogs with sticks.

Much like watch a lion mauling a young antelope, this was both an awesome spectacle and hideous to watch as the relentless onslaught never ceased. Many have tried to identify the secret behind A-Nother Team’s unquenchable thirst for victory, and after much scratching and digging, scientists believe they have uncovered the secret – hip-hop music. Yes, apparently they can’t get enough of it, and the beats are like a metronome for their wedge-play.

Paula’s Creamers came into this league off the back of great success in the lower leagues but were quickly given a reality check by Kan’t Putt in the opening week and would certainly have eyed getting back to winning ways this week against Michelle Wie’s Wet Slice who have lost their way lately. Of course, there was more than the 3 points on the line as these teams have history having previously been one before an acrimonious split saw the formation of Paula’s Creamers. Cries of “traitor2 punctuated the match.

Creamers had to overcome their former friends without their pin-up, Drago and in the face of a stirring team talk given to Michelle Wie by their captain in full view of the watching public. Despite being shorn of their star man, Creamers started incredibly well with 3 opening birdies finding them 3 holes to the good. This was much more like what we’d seen last season, and the fine play of The Creamers proved too much for Michelle Wie as she succumbed finally by 3 holes.

Kan’t Putt Mine’s A Gimme have certainly announced themselves as worthy challengers to A-Nother Team and have certainly eclipsed Keith Spieth & The Johnsons in status out on tour. This ensured a mouth-watering contest as the two locked horns in a battle with no shortage of great narrative. The intensity of the early sparring was only heightened as comments attributed to Kan’t Putt came out over social media describing their opposition as “a bit like the old members at country clubs, prodding it down the middle, and are mustard around the greens. You wouldn’t necessarily choose to play with them, but they buy you cheesy chips after the round and make it all worthwhile.”

These inflammatory comments were sure to wind up the long-toothed Spieth and inspire them to the sort of form that won them so many matches in the past. Don’t nothing to quell the ageist remarks directed at them, Spieth’s announced the absence of Andrew Slowgier due to what experts called a “#!?$ed” back – surely good news for those that had work on Tuesday.

With the added challenge of having to overcome their Captain James’ nasty bout of the shanks in the early holes, The Gimmies rose to the challenge (in particular on the par 5’s) and played some of their best golf. Spieth’s were certainly not poor on the night but their opponents astonishing total of 8 under par meant that they were no match for the new protagonists.

Kan’t Putt have announced themselves with a couple of huge performances and have remarkably established themselves as the favourites to beat A-Nother team in the huge, and possible, title decider next week.


Competitions: UG Team League, UG Team League Smithfield